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About LBE Biotechnology

The Agricultural Division of LBE was founded in 1992 with the ideal of producing healthier foods in greater quantity and with less use of agrochemicals, backed by technical-scientific agreements with renowned national and international institutions such as: Embrapa – Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation, INTA – National Institute of Agricultural Technology (Argentina) and Cornell Cooperative Extension (Cornell University – NY – USA), among others.

Nitrogen assimilation

The great stability of the N2 biotomic molecule determines its chemical “inertia” and explains the difficulty of its reduction process. In the laboratory or industry, man achieves the reduction of N2 to NH3 with Fe and Mo catalysts at high temperatures and pressures by the Haber-Bosh procedure [1].

Biotechnology for life

From the earliest times man tries to inspire himself in the great alchemist of the Universe, his creator, able, with simple elements within a total entropy, to allow the existence of all the living systems we know. Here is the riddle that pulls the man out of the cave to transport him into modernity with his dissatisfaction with the known. Man is an eternal objectif of nature, dissatisfied, playing with being the creator’s helper.

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