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Rua Projetada, 522 – Areias,

São José/SC | CEP: 88113-618

+55 (48) 3258-1725


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The work of LBE Biotecnologia Brasil Ltda. Is based on constant research and development of new technologies that allow efficient alternatives to different cultures, climates, regions and markets.

For this, we have a team of agronomist engineers ready to meet the needs of each client and to provide complete guidelines on the dosages appropriate to each type of crop, soil and climate.

Contact us at (48) 3258.1725, from our address: Rua Projetada, 522 – Areias – São José / SC- CEP: 88113-618, or the form on the side. Request a visit and learn more success stories from farmers who have tested and approved LBE products, and learn how to achieve these great results as well.

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